Re: New iPads & new software

Meryl Margolies

I got an IPad Air 2 a few months ago. I just got an IPad 2017 when I upgraded my cell phone to the new IPhone. I don't need 2 9.7 inch IPads. Which should I continue to use? The 2017 is on my cell phone account, but I don't know what the advantage of that might be. I look forward to your reply.

There's not a huge amount of difference between them. The 2017 model has a faster chip. If both are the same capacity I'd go with the 2017. The cellular option is only important if you need connectivity where there is no WiFi. Going with the latest postpones the inevitable day when Apple moves on and a model gets left behind. Last year was the first big split, with all the 32-bit models (2, 3, 4) being frozen out of iOS 10.

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