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I agree wholeheartedly with Jim re the iPad Pro (vs the other versions).  Also, get the most capacity you can.  Both models (9.7" and 12.9") have either 32, 128, or 256 GB.  Go for the 256 GB.  Whether you'll want the 9.7 or 12.9 is your choice.  When I take a trip the 9.7" is easier to take, IMHO.  I'm even using it as my camera instead of taking a separate one!  

The iPad that came with my 15000 was a 16 GB.  In this day and age 16 GB barely held the operating system and a couple of apps (the ones for the 15000 + Jim's, and of course, a couple of games) and a couple of photos. 😜  When I replaced it, I got the 9.7" w/256 GB.  It is so nice to be able to take that screen shot of something, or download something (and I love Dropbox) or do the updates, or take all those photos, and not have to delete something else to do it.  Ahhhhh.

Whether you'll want WiFi+Cellular is a personal decision.  My very first iPad did have WiFi +Cellular, and I never used the cellular.   I have friends who use the cellular when they are flying their private plane since that's how they update their maps for flying.   I'm probably not going anywhere where I'll need more than WiFi so I opted out of Cellular.

When I bought my new one, I just dropped into the Apple Store. Had I made an appointment they could have helped me transfer all the info from the old to the new right then and there.  It could  take a couple of hours, they said...  Since I didn't, I followed the directions and did it myself. 👍   I backed up the old, and restored to the new.  The new one looked exactly like the old one, and functioned exactly (all apps) as if the new one was the only one!  Only then did I start adding all the other apps I wanted onto the new one.   Wheeeeee!

I haven't gotten the pencil.  Maybe someday.  And I'm still using my off-brand cover (its more padded all around).  Since I can type just fine on Apple's keyboard on screen (although sometimes I do use the microphone on the keyboard to dictate), I didn't get their (or any) auxiliary keyboard.  Again, personal choices.

Whatever your decisions, Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy. 😊😊😊


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I wish to buy a new ipad.  Will the newer ones work with your apps and 15000.  Any recommendations.  It's a gift from me to me so. The sky is the limit. Tee hee...
Thanks heather

Wait until Tuesday the 6th of June. Apple will be having a keynote for WWDC on Monday and may announce new products. It's possible, though not certain, that there may be one or more new iPad models. If not, go for the iPad Pro, either 9 or 12 inch. It's a beautiful piece of gear and can use the Apple Pencil (recommended). Get the Apple Keyboard Cover and the DUX (not Apple) case, which also holds the pencil.

Our apps will always work on the latest iPads. This isn't Windows! We update very often, so we are always able to use the new hardware. Older hardware can use previous versions of the apps, so we pretty much always have what you need in the App Store.

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