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I'm not sure where I got the web address
but it is the home page for the Janome Global sewing machine Site. 
(Unless you can read Japanese characters, don't just type in

It has a Tab for Downloads (where you'll find downloads for machines and software and plenty of other information.   There is also a downloadable catalog of Accessories - see the left side of the page).  Who knew there were so many more available!  And the catalog has a key so you'll know which accessories fit which machine!).

An alternative to the above link, is
It takes you directly to the Bulletins page, and there are links to the other areas on the left of this screen, and to the above "home page" on the upper right.  For perusing the rest of the Global site, I find this page a more "direct" route to the info I find useful.  Personal choice.

I've found a different set of information on the Global Site than on the Janome America site.

On  (Janome America site) there are more (at least for me) "useable" projects, a blog, as well as other useful information, including links to "how to" videos, and the warranty registration area.

For both websites, have a look.  For machine and software updates I think the Global site is the quickest access.  I'm always amazed at the quantity of information available!

I have both addresses bookmarked, and I almost think they were preloaded on the iPad I received when I purchased my 15000. 😊  If yours aren't already bookmarked, it's certainly something to consider!



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