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Judy Jackson

Not sure what I've done wrong, but finally decided to buy the quilt in the hoop app as I have the other two apps but have paid the full  $29.99......couldn't find the "complete bundle" option . 
I know it is still worth the cost but wasn't expecting it. 

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Sadly the link with specific instructions for completing a bundle appears not once, but twice in the chain of replies attached to this post. When we first created the bundles we received angry responses in the vein of "What about those of us that paid full price for all three apps?" The "Complete your bundle" option was created by Apple, not us. All we can do is post a link to the page instructing how to do it, so here it is again:
Starting to regret having done the bundles!

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Wow, that’s awesome.  Thanks!  Guess I’ll turn on the ol’ ipad!



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Yes. Choose the Quilt in the Hoop" app on the device that has the other two and find "Complete my bundle" where the price shows. It should offer it for under $9 instead of $29.99. 

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That’s neat.  Is it a discounted price for the Quilt in the Hoop that way?  Can you tell my ipad is turned off, lol.  I have the first two for 15000.



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There are two app bundles:

12000 New Owner = My 12000, FootBook, Quilt in the Hoop

15000 New Owner = My 15000, FootBook, Quilt in the Hoop


If you have an iPad you can use the "Complete my bundle" option to add Quilt in the Hoop for the difference between the bundle price and what you have already paid. If you don't have an iPad, don't do that because Quilt in the Hoop does not run on iPhone or iPod Touch.

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