Re: Monthly Packs for the USA promotion


I am the only one in town who has the 12000, at least from this dealer.

When January's pack came in she asked me to open it, which I did and Digitizer Jr came with that pack. I had the MBX and she wanted me to GIVE HER the Digi Jr program so she could sell it. I kept waiting for her to say that she would give me store credit or something but she never did so I told her no, that I wanted to keep the program Janome had sent to me and she actually got upset with me.

When February's pack came, again, she asked me to open it so she could see what was included.

When I went to pick up March's pack, on the 31st, she had already opened it and taped it shut.

She is supposed to call me when my packs come in and she never has. I have to email Janome and they tell me they have already been sent out and to call my dealer.

I was looking at the computer Janome Magnolia machine for my granddaughter and knew it was under $300. When I went into her store and asked how much it was she said $500.

I wanted a 5 thread spool stand and she quoted me $92, my friend in Florida paid $60 so I declined the purchase and ordered it from an online dealership for $59.

I ordered a foot from her for my 12000 and it was $25, I found it at other dealerships for under $19.

I have tried to support her dealership, but I feel she gouges me and others everytime we walk in the door. Please don't get me wrong, I am all for supporting local dealers, I know they have a struggle sometimes when business slows down and I want to be supportive, I just don't want to be gouged and taken to the cleaners and I would appreciate being dealt with honestly.

I have an older computerized Bernina and the feet are so expensive so since I had a Janome previoulsy and like it, when the 12000 came out I bought it.

Several ladies at church told me to drive 60 miles to another Janome dealer and not buy from her, several ladies at the local quilt guild told me the same thing, but my husband wanted me to buy local so he did not have to drive the 60 miles one way and have it take all morning.

I very much regret having bought the 12000, at least from her, and wish I would have gotten the Bernina 830 or driven the 60 miles to another Janome Dealer.

I would appreciate just talking to someone and comparing what they are getting in their packs. I am sorry to say I simply do not trust her anymore and wish I would have heeded the advise of others in town and avoided any major purchases from this dealer.

Everytime I have to go pick up my packs or go in there for anything I now start getting very anxious. The older I have gotten the less drama I can handle. So different than when I was younger, it would just rolled off my back.

This has been so frustrating for me, not being able to feel like I can trust her and now that she actually opened my box and retaped it shut. Do I call her and tell her this, that at least someone has opened it? I just do not feel she is someone who is toally ethical. What should I do? >


Well, I think I have just about had it with my dealer. (She never called me to tell me my pack was in and here it is the 31st, in fact she has never called me for any of them). I show up and have to ask and then she gives it to me. This time when I went in today she gave it to me and she had opened it then taped it up again. Can anyone verify with me please what they received in their packs? Thank You

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