Re: suggestions for sewing functions being grayed out?


Yes, by chance, I did have the straight stitch plate attached, as I had just finished embroidery! Blush, blush...glad the machine is smarter than I am! (I'm used to just breaking needles with my old machine!)And I believe you've addressed this before! Now that I've done it, don't think I'll forget the solution again. THANK YOU so much for all the assistance with all my questions, and thanks for the answer on Horizon link, and for the digitizing suggestions. I will check out Trevor's website, as I am having so much fun with the software and want to learn as much as possible. I'd enjoy joining a digitizing group, too. Barbara Jean

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Do you, by chance, have the straight stitch plate attached? That will gray out any stitch that does a zigzag.

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My dealer is closed until 3 April, and I have some decorative sewing to do...and my machine turns on looking as though the dual feed sewing option is selected. But it is not (those feet work without pressing that button, so I don't bother selecting it.) Any suggestions besides the typical press it off/on, turn the machine off/on? (Which obviously didn't work) Am I missing something? Barbara Jean

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