Back From Repair - now Loud Whine Noise


My 15000 started skipping stitches, breaking thread, and thread pulling out of the take-up bar over a month ago.  I took it in for annual maintenance and explained at the time.  When I picked it up, the skipped stitches and thread breakage continued.  I took it back in last Saturday and spent time with the tech telling him I thought the needle was not always catching the thread.  I was using the quarter inch seam and foot, and straight stitch plate (going through the right hole).

They called me to come and pick up my machine and told me it was Needle to Hook clearance that needed to be fixed.  When I started sewing today I'm hearing a new noise - it sounds like a whine when the motor is running.  Because I always was so proud of how quite this machine is, I knew there was a new (bothersome) problem.

I went on youtube to listen to the macine on the videos and the whine is not there.  I'll take it back in, but I don't have full confidence that the techs are that experienced - based on the fact I'm now needing to take it in a 3rd time.

Any thoughts?  I love this machine and having this ongoing problem is making me sick!

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