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I've had my Brother for years with no auto threader problems but got rid of my Viking because the threader kept breaking. I'm having similar problems with the Janome and have just given up. I have the 15000!

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It is hit and miss with the threaded and that sucks.

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First  I will say that I love how my Janome sews and I love the features. With that being said the needle threader is awful. I have tried all of the suggestions - no need to list them - and it still won't work. I thread it the old fashion way. Saying the needle threader only works with certain threads is like saying that your car will only work with certain brands of gas, ridiculous.  I also have a Brother, I like having 2 machines so that I can do 2 projects at the same time. The threader works every time. Janome needs to take another look at their design. 


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