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Lynne Dean


This is my first post to the group.  I traded my 500e and MC8900 for a new 12000 in January.  Cut long story short, I have eye disease and I asked my dealer if I could test drive some models to find a machine screen I could see more easily.  The 12000 screen, and all the other wonderful features blew me away!!   In my 50th year of sewing and no intention of giving up any time soon.  I have learned a lot already from reading your posts and loving my new machine.

The 500e is a great machine and I learned a lot from You Tube - Woodrow Crafts is has lots of videos on Janome machines.  They  built up a great collection of short videos for anyone learning to use the 500e.  I've learned quite a bit for my 12000  there too.

Not everyone's favourite place I know, but there is a Facebook group for the 500e and I found that useful for comparing notes with everyone when the 500e first came out.  There's quite a few experts on there who are very willing to help.


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I have a friend that is purchasing the 500e machine. She is new to embroidery. I was hoping to find a group that she could join and get some tips. Thank you!


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