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See "Favorite Stitch Adjustment" on page 93 for saving stitch modifications.

The reason that the 1/4" foot does not automatically work with the needle in
center position is due to a redesign. The original 1/4" foot for 7mm machines
has the guide riding on a feed dog. The can cause problems for some people, so
they redesigned the 9mm foot so that the guide is not on a feed dog.

Regarding the "Change length" message that pops up every time you stop, you don't have to do anything at all. As soon as you start sewing again, it goes away.

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Thanks for that information. Is there a place in the manual that tells how to save your programmed positions and length as a stitch setting?


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Hi - trying out the 1/4" foot was one of the first things I did when I got my machine and I used the preset setting, however I thought that I would be driven mad by the message constantly appearing asking me if I wanted to stitch the next seam the same size or a different size (is there any way to turn that off?). Also the setting is for a generous quarter inch rather than a scant 1/4" - so I took a note of the settings I wanted to use, played with the needle position until I got it exactly where I wanted it and have programmed the needle position and stitch length in and saved them as a stitch setting - works great. If I'm piecing a number of pieces that are all the same the length then I can use the preprogrammed setting in the patchwork setting. I also wanted a 3/8" setting and was able to do it the same way.
Hope that helps.

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