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Mary E

That is why they can sell them so cheaply. We always have sales and the average price after sale is less than $4 per yard. When I'm purchasing good fabric for quilts I expect to pay about 7-10$ per yard.

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Hi Maria,
From what I have heard is that you don't have to worry about any stretch as much as fading.  There is a definite fade factor with fabrics from Joann or Walmart.   
We had someone lecture on fabrics at the quilt guild and she was telling us that often if you get fabrics at Joann or Walmart you may think you are getting a good fabric by name; however, most times these are the test prints for colors and are not the final print of colors that is sold to the quilt shops.  She had a beautiful quilt that had all been made from Walmart fabrics and then she showed the original fabric scraps that had been kept in the dark... there was significant fade even though the quilt was not in sunlight. 

Since this is a baby quilt, it may get a lot of laundering so it may fade.  But I don't think there will be stretching. 

After all that work, I know it is heartbreaking. Sorry.


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Hello. First let me thank all for the generosity in sharing information. No one has "spare" time in this life--we all have 24 hours a day with which to live and give.

I just pieced a baby quilt with fabric that was 75% off at Joann. I have been buying off Etsy, which I know carries the better brands (Moda, etc).  Some of the Joann fabrics are definitely lower grade, particularly the solids; but I hate to waste the work. I didn't realize this until I asked a fellow guild member and she told me. I am new to quilting but as I was piecing it, I could tell it didn't go together and feel as solid as the few others I've done with Moda fabrics

Here is the question. Could I (should I) reinforce the back of the top with a solid piece of white fabric before the batting?  Any other ideas?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Maria Morrow

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