Fabric quilt issue

Maria Morrow <margormor@...>

Hello. First let me thank all for the generosity in sharing information. No one has "spare" time in this life--we all have 24 hours a day with which to live and give.

I just pieced a baby quilt with fabric that was 75% off at Joann. I have been buying off Etsy, which I know carries the better brands (Moda, etc). Some of the Joann fabrics are definitely lower grade, particularly the solids; but I hate to waste the work. I didn't realize this until I asked a fellow guild member and she told me. I am new to quilting but as I was piecing it, I could tell it didn't go together and feel as solid as the few others I've done with Moda fabrics

Here is the question. Could I (should I) reinforce the back of the top with a solid piece of white fabric before the batting? Any other ideas?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Maria Morrow

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