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Thanks for your input Cheryl, all most interesting.

I'm still left wondering why it is that some machine brands have needle threaders that are consistently reliable while others seem to be so finicky and unreliable. 

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I have the S9 and love it. The WiFi is set up on mine, but I’ve only used it to monitor once as most of my embroidery is on my 15000 as the S9 is in a sewing table that doesn’t allow for the embroidery attachment. Why did I buy it, when I have another bigger machine? Well, I wanted a smaller embroidery machine that had most of the features I had on the big one to take out to classes, etc. AND because I could. I use the S9 mostly for sewing as the set up is exactly the right height for me to sew without stress to my body. The machine is not nearly as heavy as the 15000, so that is an advantage when it needs to come with me somewhere and I get to sew on something very nice.

Answer to the person with needle threader issues:
The needle threader didn’t work all the time, but I discovered that if I engage the “lock” key, it works most of the time. This is something that you need to experiment with - I sometimes hold the thread and have a NOT good experience, but then I just put it in all the right paths and let it go and it works. It threads the same way as the 15000, only, I’m the motor that works it instead of something built into the mechanics of the machine - I get to have control.

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