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Pat - do you take your 15000 to meetings?   I'd be afraid to make it travel that much.  Maybe I'm just chicken🐔🐔🐔

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Re lifting a filled Tutto XL -
I squat a little, grab the bag by the support pieces on each end (the ones that fold to make the bag "flat" for storage, above the end pockets), and then pick it up (more like grunt and heft it up 😊) to get the wheels up into my SUV. Once up I can sort of steer it to where I want it. I measured the height of the SUV and it's just a hair under 30"! I'm 5'4."

I've often thought a step would be a nice help. Just a few inches (2-4?) could really make a meaningful difference. It needs to be sturdy, and portable would be good. Maybe one of those old stair-step exercise platforms. Too bad I gave mine away... tee hee

On the other hand, maybe some sort of Rube Goldberg-type contraption could be made to work. He always seems to be in my house for other stuff... ha ha

Hope this helps!
In any case, a good sense of humor certainly helps. :-) :-)


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