Re: Travel machine ( mostly for patchwork sessions)?

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

Does your 15000 fit in the XL?  I love mine, but couldn't get the machine in.  I didn't try putting it in from the top because I didn't think it would fit, and it's so heavy.  I may look at some small combo machines to take to class.  One of the dealers I go to offers embroidery retreats where you can work on whatever you like, and there are instructors to help you if you need them.  Maybe I should consider trading my12000 and 3160 for two separate machines for sewing and embroidery.  Maybe they wouldn't be as heavy.  I don't know if I can get them without a huge outlay.  I'm still paying for the 15000 🙂  I'll look up what they have been selling for on eBay.  I wouldn't buy one there, but it would give me some idea.  The 3160 is hard to go back to after using the 15000!  If a newer machine isn't too much bigger, it should fit in the tote I bought for the D1 years ago.  Thanks for the information.  Sue Raabe

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