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Vikki Youngmeyer

I work for an LQS and have used/demoed all the Skyline Series S5, S7 and S9 and love all of them.  If I didn’t already have the 15000, I would buy the S9. We haven’t set up the WiFi at work as we don’t have a laptop available for it. I have WIFI set up at home on my 15000 and really like the AcuMonitor feature. For a big machine it is relatively light weight for its size, but sturdy and doesn’t move around when sewing at 1000 SPM. Mostly I have done piecing on it  and some embroidery. It shifts in and out of these modes with no problem. There is a “setup and takedown” procedure from switching modes, but you would have that with any combo machine, but it isn’t cumbersome.



Houston, TX


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I wonder if anyone has a Skyline S9 and would care to give their opinion of it?

Many thanks

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