Re: Question about the 1/4" foot


Thanks for that information. Is there a place in the manual that tells how to save your programmed positions and length as a stitch setting?


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Hi - trying out the 1/4" foot was one of the first things I did when I got my machine and I used the preset setting, however I thought that I would be driven mad by the message constantly appearing asking me if I wanted to stitch the next seam the same size or a different size (is there any way to turn that off?). Also the setting is for a generous quarter inch rather than a scant 1/4" - so I took a note of the settings I wanted to use, played with the needle position until I got it exactly where I wanted it and have programmed the needle position and stitch length in and saved them as a stitch setting - works great. If I'm piecing a number of pieces that are all the same the length then I can use the preprogrammed setting in the patchwork setting. I also wanted a 3/8" setting and was able to do it the same way.
Hope that helps.

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