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Janome and Organ needles


Janome red tip needles are size 14 universal.

Janome Blue tip are size 11 universal

Janome Purple tip -needle of choice for embroidery and quilting

I spoke with a rep from Diamond Needle Corp in NJ about the Janome purple tip needles. He couldn't talk directly about the Janome needles but said that the Organ HAx130EB was also a cobra reinforced blade, light ball point and comes in several sizes as well as a topstitch model (HAx130N). He said they are sold for the Brother and Babylock 6 and 10 needle embroidery machines.


Organ needles make the purple tip for Janome.   You can buy them from Marathon threads in Canada or USA.   The number is 15x1SP.   You can also get it in ballpoint which I like 15x1SPBP.   Allstitch in USA has 100 for about $27.   They have the cobra head and elongated eye which makes a little different opening in fabric giving thread a smoother path.   I love them for free motion as well as embroidery.   They were primarily designed for elastic but are great for all home sewing and embroidery machines.  


Organ Brand Needles for Sergers, Sewing & Embroidery Machines
15x1SP BP - Flat Shank Stretch/Elastic Needle

Size 14/90 - Ball Point - 100 Needles/Box
These are the same needles as Janome Purple Tips

15x1SP BP in a size 11 & 14. I’ve been using these with success in my embroidery.



Product Detailed Description


Flat Shank Embroidery Needles For Home Machines: Regular Eye Stretch Needle Ballpoint

These Organ needles are for home embroidery machines. They have a flat shank and will work in all home embroidery machines such as: Juki, Husqvarna, Viking, Baby Lock, Janome, Brother, Bernina, Singer, Pfaff and more.

15x1SP: HAx1 SP This is a special version of the 15x1 embroidery needle for stretch or elastic materials and tightly woven knits. It is made to higher standards, it has a snake's head shape due to a combination of a slightly bulged eye and a slightly reduced blade above the eye.

Ball Point: Ball point machine embroidery needles are designed to alleviate making holes in knit or loosely woven materials. The cross fibers which constitute the knit o loosely woven materials are relatively far apart as compared to those in tightly woven materials. When an embroidery needle with a standard "set" or "sharp" point encounters one of those fibers in penetrating the fabric, it cuts right through the fiber. This creates a hole in the fabric. The ball point needle pushes aside the fiber it encounters in penetration and thereby avoids making a damaging hole in the fabric. (It is also recommended to use the thinnest possible needle for a particular fabric)







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Some time back, there was some information about Organ needles.  I went to Organ's website and could not find the "model" number of the needles I had bought in bulk.  I would love to  buy a box of 100 of the new purple needles that everybody is currently talking about but I don't know if they make an equivalent needle.  Does anybody have any information about buying the new Janome purple needles in bulk?  Thanks.

I hear wisdom comes with age.  I'm still waiting. 

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