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To get your scant quarter with the AcuFeed, start by using the standard plate, not the single hole one. No movement of the needle is allowed for that plate. Continue by selecting stitch Q2 (#2 on the first page of quilting stitches). Touch the Adjust key (top left corner) and increase the width from the default of 8.3 to a higher number. Experiment until you find the right combination. Note that with the needle at 8.3 (or higher) in a 9mm opening, your fabric is supported on 3 sides, so it's going to be much like using a single hole plate.

See page 56 for details. I notice that stitch Q3 if for 7mm spacing with the O or OD foot. I guess I don't know enough about quilting, as I've never seen this before. Metric quilting?

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Jim & Diane, Thanks for the in-the-hoop project. Sounds like a good
stocking stuffer for my Tim Horton coffee lovers.

Yesterday wanted to do some piecing using the 1/4" foot. Love the
accufeed feet on my 7700 and use the 1/4" foot all the time, setting
the needle drop to the right so I get a scant 1/4". Looking thru the
new feet for the 12000 I picked the wide dual feed holder and the dual
feed quilt piecing foot OD. Got them on the machine fine but nowhere
could I find a way to move the needle over for a 1/4" seam!

Decided to try the cloth guide set to 1/4" which worked - set it up
with the regular ankle and the zig zag foot A and managed to do the
small amount of piecing I had to do that way.
Is it possible to move the needle over on the 12000 to achieve a scant
1/4 " seam or should I just go do this type of sewing on the 7700
where I know how to set it up and start sewing in a matter of
seconds? or can you direct me to information in the manual. Would
the fact that I had the single needle plate on and not the wider one
be the reason I couldn't move the needle? Just thought of that.

Did a little playing with the embroidery today and love the little
flowers that designs FA10-14 and 15 produce. Free standing lace sew
outs of the little butterflies in the FA hoop turned out well without
using netting as is suggested in the instruction book. Just used aqua
magic doubled.

Bev, Alberta, Canada

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