iPad version suggested for the Janome 15000

TC Wiley

I am looking to get an iPad to go with the Janome MC15000. Which one should I get? I'm a PC kinda gal. There are models such as Mini 2, Air 2, Pro and more??? How many G's are necessary (16 or 32)? What about screen size?

[Biased opinion from an iPad developer follows]
There are really just 3 screen sizes. The Mini series (2, 3, & 4) are all 7.9". The Air and smaller Pro are 9.7" and the larger Pro is 12.9". With the exception of the larger Pro model, all of them have a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. That means that you will have the same amount of material on all those models, but it will be smaller on the Mini models. If you want one that you can fit in a purse I would suggest Mini 4. There is no point getting 2 or 3, as they will be retired in a couple of years. The 4 has the latest hardware and will be viable for a long time.

If you don't need "purseability" I would go for either of the Pro models. They are fast, powerful, and you can use the Apple Pencil with either. I use my 12.9" Pro with Pencil virtually every day, mostly doing jigsaw puzzles while watching TV.

All of the models mentioned have "Retina" display. This is important, because it makes it MUCH easier to read and use. Diane went from an original Mini to a Mini 3, which had Retina and was amazed at the difference. The rule for storage has always get as much as you can afford. They no longer offer 16G on the newer models, and 32G should be considered a bare minimum. You won't need more than that for just sewing, but you will probably find yourself using it for many other things. On the Pro models 128G is probably the "sweet spot".

Now for the commercial - once you get your iPad I recommend these apps (which we made):

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