Re: Trace and Baste Function

Anne Parker


I'm techy too - and find the manual excellent.  Jim and Dianes app is great and a good addition if you want to see things demonstrated and to reinforce your learning, but the manual is also great and describes things in what I find a logical sequence.

I actually went through the manual - probably about 4 times - before I got the machine.  This had 2 benefits.  It means you know what the machine can do and if it is actually the machine you want to spend your hard earned pennies on, but also that you are ready to go with it from day one and enjoy yourself experimenting.

I had never had an embroidery machine before (though have sewn on all sorts, learniing to sew on a vibrating shuttle 1895 Singer 28k at age 8).  It was a new experience for me, and one which I found so enjoyable because I knew what the machine was supposed to do.  I find reading a manual for anything means I know what it can do and how it should do things - so even if I don't know the exact page I know what is in the manual somewhere - and with a pdf search it is so easy to go to just the right place to find the info that you need!!


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