Re-purposed Picture Frame

Meryl Margolies

Caution: lengthy post, and cross posted.
So...we were doing some remodeling, and I rediscovered some multi-photo frames that I hadn't updated in forever. For some reason, I found it a pain to keep the photos current. Anyway, I decided to re-purpose one of them for some colorful applique. I purchased some felt squares (from Amazon), collected my floral, butterfly, and hummingbird appliques, bought some more, and chose those I could resize to fit into a 4x6 frame. I got the chance to use some of the hand dyed fat quarters I bought years ago and some of my rayon threads (I use poly when it's for a quilt or something that will get lots of use.) it is attached. It's not quite finished. I still need to add some crystals where appropriate and place them correctly into the frame. But you get the idea.

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