I tied using the Acusetter app today and ran into a problem connecting to WiFi.  It must have said 20 times that it couldn't find a machine and then it finally found it.  When I clicked on My 15000, I lost it.  Same thing was happening with Acumonitor.  Not sure if it's my network, ipad, or what.  Any suggestions?  Its very frustrating

Gail in NH

It's not likely to be the iPad. The most probably cause is that your WiFi network is on the same channel as a neighbor, and there is interference. WiFi is based on a radio, and if you have two networks on the same channel neither will work well. In the US there are 11 WiFi channels, but most of them are very close together in frequency. In reality your best choices are 1, 6, and 11. You configure the channel at the router. Check your router documentation for how to do this, as they are all different. If you are currently on channel 1 try 6 or 11. If on channel 6, try 1 or 11, etc.

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