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And you can print from iBooks (the icon is an orange book)  😊  assuming you either have an e-printer, or an app to use a wifi capable printer set up on your home network!

BTW, Apple manufactures equipment and packages with the most current version of it software - at that time.  OS10 was newer, so it isn't pre-installed, but installation is a breeze!


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Well after ordering my iPad mini 2 direct from Apple because they told me they would ship it with iOS 10, rather than buying locally at version 9, it arrived today.  The first thing I checked was the operating system version - and it was at 9!!

The first thing I did after finding that out was to upgrade it to iOS10 - and then try to find an email address to complain to Apple.  Then I found out that they don't seem to have an email address - only chat or phone, while I prefer to use email.

Just thought I would mention in case others are looking to buy direct from Apple and expecting a device with iOS 10 on.

Now trying to find out how I can find and download a PDF User Guide - not having much luck and I'm not a happy bunny right now! I guess I'll probably buy an operating system manual anyway.


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[You may find this useful...]
I would suggest visiting this page and downloading the appropriate manual into iBooks:

Another good source:
Scroll to the VERY BOTTOM of that page and you'll find a link to "Contact Apple". That will give you a page with a multitude of contact options, and at the bottom of that page you'll find five separate links for various kinds of feedback.

Remember, Google is your friend!

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