Re: iPad/iPhone help

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

What do you recommend if we have IOS 9?  I have the Ipad 2, and an IPhone 6S plus.  Thanks.  Sue

[Start saving for an upgrade...]
When Janome started giving away free iPads with the 15000 the iPad 2 had already been demoted to "discount" status. Janome most likely got them cheap, then switched to the Mini and later the Air when the iPads ran out. The iPad 2 is frozen at iOS 9 and will not have any more updates. We have made our apps work with iOS 9 and will continue to do so until Apple stops accepting apps targeting iOS 9. That probably won't be for a couple of years.

The reason that iPad 2 does not support iOS 10 is that it simply is not powerful enough. Each new version of iOS uses the latest hardware, and the old ones get left behind. I still have 2 original iPads (V1) that serve no purpose other than to entertain grandchildren when they get bored. Even that is fading, as they all have later versions of their own!

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