Well I have FINALLY got to piecing on my 12000.
Had it since mid Dec. Not done a thing - Yep that right mid Dec. oh except 2 hours with dealer on setting up embroidery.
In the mean time it has been looming threateningly at me - when I was home.(have been away a couple of times).
Today I piced a small quilt - simple squares which I may send to A linus quilt coordinator.
I noticed while stitching using 1/4 inch foot O and P2 stitch that as I paused to adjust pieces then restarted there was a movement in the bobincase area. Foot of course was down so I figured it must be to do with the foot up down program.
I found it strange to not have to manually raise the presser foot!! Guess I will get used to it.
I previously had a 6600 and for 6/12 the 7700 (before trading for the 12000.
Looking forward to exploring more now I have bitten the bullet

in wet wet southern Queensland

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