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Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

I've always wondered the same thing.  It's especially frustrating if it isn't deleted before replying/  Just having on the page twice seems like it takes up half the potential message space.  Since I don't have Word on my computer anymore,  is it safe to assume that I'm not contributing to the problem? 

I'm hoping someone out there has any suggestions about the ongoing saga of getting 2 outer hoops with the 12000, and no inner hoops.  My dealer responded to my question, and said nothing can be done.  Now it seems like I'm short a hoop.  When I sell the 12000, either I have to give up mine that came with the 15000, or buy another one to go with the 12000.  I could some guidance.  I have a feeling it would be extremely hard to find one at a discount.  It seems like I either have to pay list price for one, or discount the price of the 12000 to compensate, unless anyone has any ideas.  I'm so tired of the obstacles there have been trying to sell the 12000, even though this last one wasn't my fault.  It seems like the longer I keep the older one, the less it will be worth, especially if a newer model comes out that's comparable (and better).  Thanks for any suggestions.  You're probably more tired of hearing about this than I am trying to get this over with one way or another.  Sue

[Hoop springs eternal!]
There is no getting around buying the complete hoop. Janome simply does not sell the component pieces. Talk to Amy at Brubaker Sewing (+1-717-354-8332) and explain your problem. Mention that you were referred by the list. She will have to order the hoop for you, and there will be shipping, but she may be able to give you a better price than your dealer.

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