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This might be a little confusing to those who are coming to the 12000 from a previous model. The easiest way to set up for piecing is to let the machine do the work:

1. Touch the Sewing Application key (looks like a T-shirt).

2. Touch the Patchwork key.

3. Pick the stitch you want and attach the O foot. The machine will set the needle position and stitch length, although you can override it. It will also memorize the seam length for rapid piecing, since you only need to mark the first pieces.

Details are on page 82 of the manual. It works really well!

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Just wondering if anyone that has the 12000 machine has had a chance to use the 1/4" foot. Am I wrong to assume that with the foot in place and the default stitch that comes up (middle position)that from the needle to the edge of the foot is 1/4"? Mine is at least 3/8" away from the edge and if I want a 1/4" seam then I'm having to move the needle over to the right by at least 2 mm (from 5.0 to 7.00). I must be doing something wrong because the purpose of this foot is to seam a 1/4" seam, right?

Julie in TX

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