Re: Announcing Quilt in the Hoop

Meryl Margolies

I have the 12000 and the IPad mini. How will I be getting the files from the IPad to the 12000? What is the JPX format?

Before I click on "buy," I want to make sure I can use it. I love quilting in the hoop.

[Excellent question!!]
The app provides two ways of getting designs to your machine. In your case you just need the design in your computer, where you can use USB to send it. Option 2 lets you send the design to your iCloud Drive in Windows. You can also use Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or any of the other "cloud" drives, as long as you have the app installed. In the case of iCloud Drive this is automatic. Microsoft and Dropbox both have free apps for their service. Once you have saved the design in your chosen cloud drive it will appear on your computer. Of course both iPad and computer need to be connected to the Internet for this to work, but you already knew that. Our built-in help pages within the app provide step by step instructions for the process, and all of our testers have been able to handle it without any assistance from us.

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