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You will have to move the needle or in the quilting section it changes the position when you select it. I think the advantage of having it set up as they did with the quide further over is you now have the use of both sets of feed dogs to move the fabric. On previous models with the 1/4" foot, you were not really touching the right feed dogs and it took more effort to keep the fabric under the foot. I think it's just a slight adjustment to use but the results will be worth the switch.
Robin in Maine

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On all of my other machines, including the 11000, when you used a 1/4" foot, it meant that the seam would be 1/4" without any adjustments, assuming that your needle was in the center position. Not so with this foot? What I'm finding on this is that it's not anywhere close to 1/4" and even slightly larger than 3/8". It sounds like if I am going to use the foot that I need to go to the quilting section?

Julie in TX

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You can either move the needle over to your perfect 1/4" or there is under special settings for quilting a button for 1/4" piecing. I believe it is 8.3 default. The stitch length is also shortened too. I don't have the machine infront of me to explain exactly but it might be easier to just move the needle till you find it.
Robin in Maine

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Just wondering if anyone that has the 12000 machine has had a chance to use the 1/4" foot. Am I wrong to assume that with the foot in place and the default stitch that comes up (middle position)that from the needle to the edge of the foot is 1/4"? Mine is at least 3/8" away from the edge and if I want a 1/4" seam then I'm having to move the needle over to the right by at least 2 mm (from 5.0 to 7.00). I must be doing something wrong because the purpose of this foot is to seam a 1/4" seam, right?

Julie in TX

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