Attaching a hoop


For some reason, I can't attach one of my hoops to the embroidery unit.  I've been using the SQ 14 that came with the 12000 on the 15000.  (I didn't get around to unpacking the new ones, since the others were already out.)  I realized I'd better keep everything with the machines separate so I don't lose something.  The 15000 SQ 14 just won't attach.  I made sure everything was lined up properly, but I couldn't turn the knob to lock it in place.  I had to re-hoop the fabric and use the other one, which went on without a hitch.  It doesn't make any sense to me.  They're exactly the same, and I can't use the one that fits forever, because I don't plan to keep the 12000.  I didn't want to unpack the 12000 so I could test the new one on it.  Does anyone have any ideas?  If my dealer wasn't an hour away. I'd just take it in and have someone tell me if I'm doing wrong.  (I probably should take both hoops.)  I'd go to someone local, but they usually aren't very helpful if you didn't get the machine there.  I'm hoping someone in the group knows what the problem is.  It's most likely user error, but until I know what it is, I can't fix it :-)  Sue

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