Re: Free motion quilting

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

I really found it interesting to read all the posts about the cloth setter.  I didn't know exactly what it did, but a friend of mine loved hers.  Because I'm not good with complicated equipment, so I would definitely "try it before I buy it".  The price is a big factor, especially if I end up not being able to use it.  I don't suppose the prices go down when a newer model comes out?  I can hope!  Until I finish paying for the 15000, I wouldn't get it right now anyway.

BTW, for those of you who have followed my posts dealing with putting everything together for my 12000, I have everything together except the inner ring for the GR hoop.  For some reason, I have 2 of the outer part, but not the inner ring.  I made sure I had the right hoops with the right machine.  Since the 12000 was a floor model, all I can think of is that there was an accidental mix up when they packed it.  If worse comes to worse and my dealer can't help, I'll just replace it. Hopefully, he can order the half I need.  I've checked some online dealers for other things, but they don't seem to sell parts of things.  Sue

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