Re: Updates for 15000

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

I checked again, and I have one (the largest) with the inner hoop, which came with the 15000, and 2 without them.  I never used them so I didn't misplace them.  I'll contact my dealer and ask him how to handle it.  If he charges me, I'll only replace one.  I finally have everything for the 12000 together and ready to box up, so it's ready when I find a buyer.  I seem to be missing the bar that goes on the back of the machine when the embroidery unit isn't attached, so as soon as I can get a price to replace it, I'll deduct from the selling price.  I'm tired of losing things, replacing them, and then finding them again.  I'm sure it will turn up somewhere after I sell it, but at this point, it's not about the money.  It's a matter of finally advertising the 12000, and getting it out of the house. The 5 thread spool stand was in the box with my 12000.  It was a floor model, and may have been on there.  Since it didn't come with the 15000 either, I'll keep it.

Does anyone what websites have discounts on Jenny Haskins stabilizer and thread?  I received quite a bit of each with the 15000, and plan to sell it for less than the discounted price, but first I have to find out what that is!  I'd like to use whatever I get towards paying off the 15000.  I'm not trying to advertise it here; I was just hoping to avoid a tedious search to find it.  I'm hoping someone else may have some suggestions :-)  Sue

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