Updates for 15000


I know this has been covered before, but I finally decided it was time to download and install any updates available.  If someone can tell me when it was posted, I'll go look it up.  I thought I read somewhere that the version I have is 2.0, but when I searched for how to install the updates, it was to 1.04.  Are they 2 separate things, and if so,what should I install and how?  I know if I had done it when everyone was discussing it, I wouldn't have to ask for help after the fact.  I do try to find the information before I write in, but sometimes I spend hours trying.

One more question, please?  Is the largest hoop just one piece, or should there be an inner part to hold the fabric?  For some reason I have 3,and none of them the inside hoop.I see the magnets on it, but don't know how they work.  Sorry for not remembering to do the updates when they were first discussed.  Thanks so much:-)  Sue 

[The following information is an update to update information already updated. Please update]
The last MC15000 update is version 2.11, available here:
You will also want to update your HorizonLink Suite:

All embroidery hoops are two parts, an inner and outer ring. They ship with the inner ring "nested" inside the outer, so you may just have to pop them out. Loosen the screw slightly and they should slip apart easily. If the inner rings are truly missing take all the hoops back to your dealer for replacement. The inner rings are not sold separately and if the machine was a demo from a show the dealer should be able to get them replaced at no cost.

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