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Anne Parker

I know exactly what you mean.  I like having a book or manual to read through and refer back and forth with - maybe looking between 3 or 4 items at a time.  I like reading in bed too - always used to do that with my computer manuals!!  I've tried an e-reader - only ever had one book on it and only got past about 10 pages.  Waste of time.

With a book or manual I can usually remember the chapter even if not the exact page or section I want - not so with online stuff - hate info that way and have to print it off.  Though I always think the best option is actually to have both - PDFs are easy to search to find the exact spot and then the book/manual to go in depth and write notes on the pages or attach stickers to.  No fear of them 'crashing' or being unable to access what you want on a USB that will no longer open.

I remember when PCs first came out in the 1980's they said we wouldn't need paper any more - I don't think so.  Nothing like a physical object rather than electronic one though both have their uses.  I hear vinyl records are now all the rage because people want a physical object rather than just something on iTunes.  I've never migrated to on-line music - still have my vinyls plus CDs.


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