Re: embroidery bobbins

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

I have an almost full box of magnetic core prewound bobbins.  I used them when I had a commercial machine.  Can they be used on the Jaome?  If not, can I wind a Janome bobbin from it, or should I put them up for sale on a group that is made up mostly of people with the professional machines?  No sense having them go to waste. My dealer give a .10 rebate on the empty Janome prewounds. but I don't do enough embroidery to  invest in a whole box.  It seems like a good deal to get $12.00 off a new box though.  Might just be worth it not to have to keep winding bobbins though :-)

[Why is the compass needle spinning?]
The bobbin case in Janome top-loading machines is held in place with a magnet. There is enough "pull" in that magnet to keep the case in place, while still letting a thread slip under to make a stitch. Adding metal bobbins or magnetic bobbins will change the magnetic field. In the case of metal bobbins it usually doesn't cause trouble, but I'm not sure about a magnetic bobbin. If it were me, I'd probably not use them.

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