Design Formats in AcuDesign

Cheryl Paul

Good Morning Jim & Diane,

I saved some files to Dropbox yesterday to open in AcuDesign.  I think the problem is that I sent the to a USB from Digitizer V5 and they saved as JPX & JBX files - am I correct in my assumption.

Next question:  How do we get Janome, Artistic, and other software companies to get their act together and make the design files compatible? - Like WHO do we ask?  It isn't a problem saving as a JEF for example, but I do have a problem with Janome in not making that the file that is automatically saved, so that it can be used elsewhere.  Our sewing machines make the change when we connect the USB.  It would make life much simpler for the end user, especially those who have absolutely no computer training of any sort.  I have a bit of training although it is getting older as each year goes by - so I can sometimes establish what is wrong before asking HOW to fix it.

Thank you.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

[Technology marches on (us) with heavy boots!]

The problem is that as machines get more and more capable Janome needs more data in the design file. Consider the original SEW format, which was severely constrained by colors, size and stitch count. JEF fixed that, but they the 11000 needed more data so that spawned JEF+. Then came the 12000 which added JPX. (Aside - JBX is actually just a thumbnail image used by the machine itself, so it can be ignored.)

Brother has the same problem, which they solved with PES by making different versions. That creates a different problem for people who have what appears to be a valid PES file, but it won't open in their software that doesn't support that version.

Adding JPX to AcuDesign would be done by Wings Software, who modified their DRAWings SNAP app for Janome. However they won't do it without being paid, so it falls on Janome to make the call. I don't really know whether Janome has a lot of AcuDesign users, so I don't know whether a lot of user feedback would accomplish anything. I truly hope that lots of people are using iPads because we have invested a LOT (Huuuuuuuuuuugggggge in Trump-speak) amount of time on a new iPad app! For now I would address this with Liz of the Janome Life blog. She's highly regarded by Janome and could have some influence.

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