5oo e machine

Carole Schneider

Does anyone on this list have the 500 E?  I recently purchased one when my beloved 11,000 bit the dust.  I simply could not justify buying the 15,000.  First of all I can't afford it; I am totally not interested in digitizing; I am not a quilter.  I purchase designs I like and embroider.  Already have a great regular sewing machine so do not need a combination one.  I am getting the idea that this is a very inferior machine.  While my dealer is helpful I can't be running there(it's 30 minutes away) every time something frustrates me.  Sometimes he can help me on the phone but not always.

right now I am embroidering a dense design that is made up of 9 panels that will be sewn into a placemat.  It will stop when the bobbin is low, which is good, but then when it starts up again the design will have shifted slightly???  Sometimes it even seems to sort of change gears and the design will have shifted ever so slightly.  I have used these designs on my 11,000 and do  not recall having any problem.  I had written a lot of notes at 

that time and have been following them!!

As you can guess I am one frustrated sewest !!!!!!

I know this is not a list for the 500 but having had Janome machines since the 6500 I figured maybe someone would be able to help me.  Jim? Guru? 

[The guru has gone to Starbucks, so Jim will make a pathetic attempt to fill in.]

To say I am unfamiliar with the 500E would be a gross understatement. I would be hard-pressed to pick one out of a lineup. It's not quite clear whether you are changing the bobbin when you get the low bobbin message. If so, you would be removing the hoop. If the fabric is not hooped tautly enough that might be enough to cause a small shift in alignment. It's also possible that there is some play in the attachment of the hoop or within the carriage hardware. Problems like this usually call for hands-on inspection, which would best be done by your dealer.

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