Bobbin winding


I must be losing my mind, because all of a sudden I can't seem to wind a bobbin on the 15000!  I checked the app, tried You Tube, the manual, and Google, and i still can't seem to do it.  I only had one bobbin with thread on it, and it wasn't wound evenly, and the machine started complaining slightly, so I took it out.  I don't have any pre-wounds, or I'd use one.  I seem to be going backward.  I was having trouble embroidering, but it turned out to be the design, not the machine.   Any problems I've had were always me, not the machine.  That's why I like Janome so much.  It's almost goof proof!  If I hadn't run out of bobbin thread, I'd be a happy camper.  If I can't figure it out, I'll pick up some pre wound bobbins tomorrow, so I can finish sewing.  Any suggestions as to what I might be doing incorrectly?  BTW, how do you attach the extra spool holder? the base is square, and the hole is round.  I only see one hole on the machine, or I would probably be trying the wrong one :-(  Thanks for steering me in the right direction.  Sue

[Hoping to turn you around...]
Loose bobbin winding means that the thread is not going under the bobbin winder tension spring properly. See page 159 in the manual for instructions on cleaning that area. This will also let you see what's going on with the thread.

Note that there are instructions beginning on page 12 showing how to insert the extra spool pin as well as winding the bobbin. If your extra spool pin is square and will not fit in the hole then you have the wrong pin. Most Janome models prior to the 15000 use a square pin.

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