Question about 15000


I have questions about the 15000v2: how do you move the needle left or right when in embroidery mode; can you eliminate stitches. In other words, when stitching the feathers, the machine goes back over the design. I've had the needle hit a seam and not stitch over in the same place. Also, I did not see a place in the Accuedit to size a design. Any help would be appreciated. Sent from my iPad

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Embroidery is always done in the left needle position, as it supports the fabric on 3 sides for best stitch quality. You can also attach the straight stitch plate for even more support. Because of this you cannot move the needle in embroidery mode.

To skip parts of a design during embroidery just press the STOP button when you get to the section to be skipped. Then use the + key on the Progress Bar (Page 120, item 13) to step through to the place where you want to resume. HOWEVER - if you do this the stitch will NOT be locked at the point where you started skipping and you will have a trail thread going to the new starting point, which also will not be locked. You could maybe simulate the lock stitches by stepping forward and backward one stitch several times, but you need to be prepared for raveling at the point where you tricked the machine.

The resizing tool icon in AcuEdit is two squares with arrows pointing between them. Note that resizing in AcuEdit DOES NOT adjust stitch count, and is thus limited to a range from 80% to 120% of the original size. You can also resize in AcuDesign, which does adjust the stitch count to maintain density.

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