I have no idea where this reply is going to end up going!  All of a sudden, when I click reply to group, it takes me to Microsoft Essentials, and if I decline to install it, I can't do anything. 

I wanted to thank Lou Ann for her remarks.  I totally agree with her.  I really prefer to have things already made in case someone wants something.  I really enjoy making things as a hobby, but as soon as it turns into a paid project, it takes forever.  I like giving things I've made to people, but not on a deadline or with any expectations on their part.  The purse I agreed to make has taken so long, that I don't plan to charge her for anything, including the fabric.  It isn't a difficult pattern, and I've made it before, but the loss of one of our children has made it very hard to motivate myself to do much of anything.  I still like making things, but I just can't commit to doing things for someone else.  I got over the idea of having an embroidery business long ago.  There are many reasons why it wouldn't work, among them not having the courage to go out and get the jobs!  I attended a seminar on starting an embroidery business, and when they explained everything that went into pricing things, I realized it wasn't for me.  I understood why all of it factored into it, but I never would have thought of all the components, like rent, telephone, the amount of thread, how long it took the machine to change colors, electricity,  and more that I've forgotten.  If part of someone's home was dedicated to the business, they explained how to calculate the tax deduction.  It certainly was an eye opener, but most of those things didn't apply to me anyway. It wasn't a waste; it gave me insight into how most businesses need to operate.  It's not a random process, but a scientific method to determine the true cost of running any kind of business.  My family thinks it's weird that I like to understand things that I don't plan to do, but it gives me a better sense of how things work.  It doesn't matter whether or not I had any intention of doing it myself!  It gives me greater appreciation of people who have been successful. 

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