Re: Connectivity with 15K and ipad


It scares me reading all the problems you gals are having. I bought the 15k in February and for what it costs, there shouldn't be that many issues. I also have Time Warner Internet and since they've increased the speed, it's slower and disconnects more often than before. So, when I have a problem, I first restart the iPad, then check the Janome's connection . If all else fails, I reboot the router. Most of my issues are trying to figure out the sewing machine, but it's coming. Fran Sent from my iPad

When Time-Warner ups the speed it also changes the characteristics of the signal on the cable. Older wiring that worked fine at the old speed may cause disconnects at high speed. I had that problem, when I was routing the cable through an amplifier so I would have a good signal in all the rooms. That was fine for TV, but cause a weak signal for the higher speed Internet. A TWC technician changed out the amplifier to one of theirs and it's been rock solid since.

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