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Lou Ann

I thought I had this "thing" figured out that's sitting on my desk next to the computer that "feeds" my designs to my MC 12000.  HOWEVER, all these emails about routers and modems and connectivity got me a bit confused so I "Googled" routers vs. modems and it cleared it all up!  Here's what the geeks on the internet said: "The modem plugs into whatever type of infrastructure you have-cable, telephone, satellite, or fiber- and gives you a standard Ethernet cable output that you can plug into any router (or a single computer) and get an internet connection."  My "thing" is an all in one:  phone line comes in and Ethernet goes out to my embroidery computer and wirelessly to two other computers and tablets in the house.

Now as far as the connectivity issue...We're stuck here, with this spot of town at least, with the phone line which still has the old copper wiring from last century (maybe the one before last century!). Other areas of town have new fiber optic lines and much faster internet speeds.  The technician who was recently to the house, after losing our phone for the umpteenth time, said that our account was set to receive a speed higher than the copper wires could transmit data and would crash the modem when too much data was downloading.  I had him slow the speed down so we wouldn't lose phone/internet service all the time BECAUSE if you only have to hold for customer service for 20 minutes consider yourself lucky.  For a communications company, their communication is terrible.  When you finally get a real life person, they are hard to understand because English is not their first language!

Through my experiences I've learned two things.  #1 demand credit on your account for a day without service (or however many days you've been off line). #2 whenever you do get a live person and they want to transfer you, demand their direct phone number and a trouble ticket number (they may call it something else) because chances are you will get dropped and have to start the calling and waiting all over again.  The nightly news recently had an article about call centers and how some companies actually have intentionally terrible service with dropped calls and long waits just to discourage you from calling in. That made me kind of mad, but not surprised!
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Ok, thanks Jim.  Sounds technical enough already.  Does anyone have a teen gamer I can borrow?  I don’t even have a landline anymore, but while we’re on the subject I can share what the tech who came here told me.  It is possible to disconnect the modem and use that jack to call 911.  So I bought an old, non-digital phone at a yard sale and store it by the modem in case of emergency.
I didn’t want to try to not use a modem.  I was wondering if I can buy a good modem instead of the cheap one they gave me and use it with their service, even if I have to call them to help set it up.  I was hoping you knew so I wouldn’t have to call and wait on hold for 20 minutes or longer to ask them that.  Their phone system is a nightmare, with me repeating my details and getting transferred several times.  If it was possible I would buy one and have it ready when I call.
I also am curious why they don’t just let me keep a good steady connection instead of constantly disconnecting me and searching for a new connection.  I wonder if they do that when they detect no activity or just at random.
That’s why I thought you may need a crystal ball for my initial questions, but you do know a lot about this stuff and may know how it works.  I have had this ISP for 8 yrs. and only started having problems in the last year.  I wonder if they have new owners.  My friend, who called two days ago and is having similar problems, and seemed to be talking to an outsourced customer service center, and that was never the case when I called previously.
Thanks, and I’m online now, and would cross my fingers but that makes it hard to type.


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