Re: Connectivity with 15K and ipad

Jim Stutsman

[If I had a modem, I'd modem in the morning, I'd modem in the evening, all over this land!]
With Dish network it's likely that you have a modem and router combined into one device. Buying your own modem isn't feasible for DSL, and may not even be possible on that system. However you do not need to use the router that's embedded in their modem. You could buy your own wireless router and plug it into the modem with a cable. You'll want to disable the router in their modem, and you'll probably need to call them to do that. They may not allow it. In areas where Dish (owned by AT&T) is the only option they tend to treat their customers like serfs and not allow much of anything.

You could also just buy your own wireless access point and connect it via cable to the modem/router. In that scenario you would ignore the existing WiFi network and create a new one using the access point. Netgear makes these, as do most other networking manufacturers. I'm partial to Apple's Airport Express for this purpose, but Netgear will work as well. Here's one example:
Keep in mind you will also need an Ethernet cable (looks like an over-sized telephone wire) to connect the access point to the modem/router. Never buy cables from Best Buy, Walmart or other "big box" stores. They mark them way up to make up for the discounted pricing on the other equipment. Amazon cable pricing is the best.

For what it's worth, those of us in the US are paying far too much for far too little in terms of Internet access. Consider that in South Korea (!) you could get 100 times the speed you have now for $30 a month. DSL will always be the next best thing to dial-up because it's still coming in over the phone lines. With Time-Warner cable (Second most hated company on earth, Comcast being first) I have 200MB down and 20MB up. The best DSL from AT&T is about 30MB down and 3MB up.

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