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I have had a similar problem.  My issue is my PC internet won’t work if I have my sewing machine wi-fi on. The sewing machine and PC are in the same room as the router and the DSL jack.    My Wi-Fi has been giving me grief for  few months now and it seems to be getting worse.  This weekend Dish (in the living room) and my tablet (in the bedroom) could not connect to the internet.  I have to constantly reboot my router. 
So my question is, Jim, do you know if they have changed how routers or service works?  I know mine is constantly seeking a current connection, but when it finds a good one, why doesn’t it stay on that same connection?  I know you may need your magic ball for that question.  I call the ISP and tell them I’m not getting internet, but by the time I’ve waited on hold it is back on and they test it and tell me all is well.  It is very frustrating!  My router is not in a convenient place to disconnect and reconnect so often.  I have high speed DSL and have had the same provider for 8 yrs. so I don’t know why so much has changed in the last year.  Do they routinely dump a connection to provide a better connection to users who are active in each moment, or what?  Like I said, they just tell me “It’s fine, we can see a clear signal.”  There is not another high speed provider available for my area or I’d dump them and tell them “It’s fine. I have a clear signal now!”

When your machine suddenly becomes unreachable it can sometimes be due to the router. Sometimes they just need rebooting, which is done by unplugging, waiting a minute or two, and plugging back in. After you have done that you may need to use the machine's WiFi setup to reconnect, but it should work. One very important thing to check is that your machines IP address matches that of the iPad in the first 3 of the 4 numbers in the IP address. Otherwise they cannot connect.

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