Lou Ann

Hi, Sue.  I'm not sure I do applique correctly unless it's an in-the-hoop project and I haven't screwed one of those up...yet.

I've been working on a large project that if I had been going to do it "regular" would have required 12 hoopings.  I could just see myself trying to get the middle segments lined up with not just one side, but 3 or 4 sides adjoining ...not happening with someone who struggles enough with hooping anyway!  So, what I'm doing with this project is doing the applique steps with the design elements stitched on just the stabilizer and then I'll sew these, after tearing away the stabilizer, on to the background fabric by stitching right along the edge of the satin stitches of the applique.  I guess if you're not using satin stitches, you could color match your thread to the applique pieces and maybe it wouldn't show that they aren't attached as part of the applique technique.

Isn't our hobby fun and exciting!  
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