Connectivity with 15K and ipad

Jo Smoker

I have been using my ipad with Acudesign app with my 15K since last March and have had absolutely no problems.  Last week I could not access my sewing machine.  When I went to export, ( as I have done many, many times)  it did not list the sewing machine.  I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and after two days of trying it started to work again.  Today I am back to square one, unable to send a design to the 15K.  I spoke to the Janome reps at a Quilt Show in Hershey, Pa last week,and they said I should contact Terry at Janome for help, that they knew nothing about the wifi system.  Well I have spent a lot of time today trying to find a 'contact Janome' link' to send them a message but was unsuccessful. So how do I contact them and what do I need to do now? Am I the only one having this problem??

[Once again finding Yahoo Group search to be worthless!]

As previously posted, Janome Tech Support is available at (201) 825-3200. You can also reach them be email using tech-support@....

When your machine suddenly becomes unreachable it can sometimes be due to the router. Sometimes they just need rebooting, which is done by unplugging, waiting a minute or two, and plugging back in. After you have done that you may need to use the machine's WiFi setup to reconnect, but it should work. One very important thing to check is that your machines IP address matches that of the iPad in the first 3 of the 4 numbers in the IP address. Otherwise they cannot connect.

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