I've been searching online for a way to save the settings I like for a specific stitch on my MC12000.  I hate having to reset the applique settings I like each time I start a new applique. 
I found this article WHY WE LOVE THE HORIZON SEWING MACHINE: FAVOURITE STITCH ADJUSTMENT.  I've tried to follow the directions but do not see the boxes they mention in Step 8.  I
f I follow the link at the end of the article (which is supposed to have diagrams & pics for easier understanding) I get an error 404.

In my Janome MC12000 manual it states the Favorite Stitch option is not for every stitch.  I'm using stitch U9 and not the Applique stitch in the Quilting section.  Any ideas on how I can save the settings for a particular stitch?  Thanks!


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