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Sounds so encouraging!

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No, it's every single design, whether built in or from someone else.  I've tried designs from Anita Goodesign, EmbLibrary, designs I've used successfully before Windows 10. 

[The worst Windows problems are the ones that affect only you!]
We are not having this issue using the same software as you, although our Windows 10 is actually an updated Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. If you are using a 32-bit version that could be why it's not happening for us. You have a couple of options:

1. Uninstall HorizonLink Suite. Then reinstall it and apply the 1.2 update.
2. Create a new virtual machine with Fusion. Back up the original one first, as this is a nuclear option. You only get 2 "activations" with Windows, so DO NOT activate Windows until you have installed and tried HorizonLink on the new VM. If it still crashes then discard the new VM and continue using the one you backed up. At this point you will have a "Why only me?" situation and the usual tech support options will be of limited value. VMware will not touch it, as it is not their software. Apple will not either, for the same reason. Microsoft will blame VMware and/or Apple. That leaves only Janome. *IF* your problem actually gets to Japan *AND* they can reproduce it they *MIGHT* issue an update, but we'll probably have flying cars before that happens.

If all else fails please email me off-list for other options.

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