Horizon Link and Windows 10


I recently got a new laptop.  MacBook Pro OS X 10.11.4 (El Capitan) running VM Ware Fusion (8.1.0) as a virtual machine for my windows programs.  I could only purchase Windows 10 and now my Horizon Link won't work.  It will open, and I can bring a design into it and as soon as I do, I get the following error:  "Horizon Link has stopped working.  A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available"

Has anyone else come across this problem? 

I'm pretty desperate here.......

Thanks in advance!

[Still waiting for Windows to notify you that a solution is available...]

If you haven't installed this update you should. It may fix the problem as a side effect. If it doesn't then try right-clicking on the HorizonLink icon and choose Compatibility Settings. You may be able to get it to work that way. For what it's worth, we are using HorizonLink on Windows 10 unmodified and it's fine. Oh, and if you did not install the VMware Tools, you should. They add drivers that you need.

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